Friday, October 3, 2014

Traditional Stories Project

Tesfahun and I have started a book project in the South Region. The plan is to make one book per year focusing on a different ethnic group each time and then a few years down the road, we will take the best stories from each group and put them into a larger book. We collect the stories in the mother tongue and then translate them into English. The books will be used as a teaching resource and will contain comprehension exercises for students. They will also have an audio CD for listening comprehension, and we are going to film the story collection process for a documentary film that will accompany the "Best Stories" book.

Last week, over the Meskel holiday, Tesfahun and I traveled to Wolaita Sodo to meet with the Tourism Bureau and collect a few initial stories. Wolaita is a beautiful region and the people were incredible kind and generous with their time.

The bus rest stops are a bit different here in Ethiopia, not the flushing toilets, by donation coffee shop style that exist across North America.

Photo: Rest Area

Photo: Wolaita accommodation.

Photo: Story collection process

Photo: Traditional house
Photo: Wolaita cultural clothing
Photo: Ato Elias, Deputy Bureau Head at the Wolaita Tourism Bureau

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